:: Quake 3 Player Models ::

Honey was made as an experiment to test a cartoon-rendering technique using the Quake 3 engine. Download her here.

Click here for a tutorial on how to do this cartoon shading effect using 3D Studio Max.

Animech was my first Quake 3 player model.
Download animech here.  

:: Quake 2 Player Models ::
Robocop is the last Quake 2 player model I made. Click here to download Robocop.(Created 16-09-98).

Ornithomimus is an updated version of the Raptor player model with all new animations and a new weapon model. Click here to download Ornithomimus.

Vincent and Maximillion are characters from the Disney film "The Black Hole". Download Vincent, and Maximillion.

Raptor was my first player model, finished on April 14th 1998. Click here to download him.

To find out more about player models for Quake, and many other games, go to Polycount