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The Making of Harpooned - an article for Gamasutra.


iPhone game development - interview about RMIT's iPhone game development course.
Ban This Game on Screen Play - interview about censorship and games in Australia.
Fans hunt down whaling game - interview about Harpooned with nineMSN.
Profile of a game developer - interview about independent game development with GarageGames.
Ban This Game - interview with The Age's Screen Play blog.


Tutorial 1 - How to make cell-shaded characters for the Quake 3 engine.
Tutorial 2 - Creating seamless textures from photographs with Photoshop.
Tutorial 3 - Hori DOA4 Xbox 360 arcade stick modification.
Tutorial 4 - Video tutorial on making Tron style light trails in 3D.
Tutorial 5 - Video tutorial: Visual effects in Unity with Shader Forge.